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Proudly lives and works in Minneapolis, MN—claiming more beachfront than its neighboring twin, St. Paul. Sue is partnering with Mother Nature to correct the mistakes of her generation and generations past. She spends her days collaborating with others that share her passion for economic & environmental sustainability while creating socially responsible initiatives. She spends her free time traveling the world in dedication to her role as a world-class mother and wife.


A native of St. Paul, Garrick cherishes Minnesota’s natural beauty and rich, innovative culture. His work is devoted to developing new technology and products that protect what nature has to offer. Implementing new biological systems allows all of us to live a more sustainable life. He enjoys traveling the roads, meeting and learning from people in new places, and experiencing the wonders and bounty of our great nation.



Lynn lives in Minneapolis and brings supply chain expertise and her ability to work in partnership with cross functional teams to operationalize strategies that drive revenue growth and meaningful client outcomes. She is responsible for aligning business & technology development, production, commercialization and licensing strategies. Lynn works with several non-profits to contribute to the health and happiness of everyone and enjoys the outdoors, good food and live music with friends and family.

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While being a native NoDak (Bismarck and UND), Mark “moved south” and is happy to call Minnesota and the Twin Cities home for over 35 years.  He has a passion and pension for emerging growth companies and spends most of his time with entrepreneurs who are out to change the world.  No idea is a bad idea (ok, he’s seen a few), and with a little guidance with the financial strategy, good ideas become great companies.  He enjoys the outdoors, especially golf, and is looking forward to a new chapter in his life…….Grandpa!


Mary Maurice brings to NETZRO experience in food & agricultural production, processing and manufacturing as well as the creation and management of supplier and co-development agreements and relationships.  Mary assists NETZRO with business & technology development, commercialization and licensing strategy. Mary loves catalyzing teams to come “alive” by engaging them in creating vision wile executing plans to serve customers in more meaningful ways. Mary lives in Minneapolis and spends her down time relaxing at the cabin.

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Born and raised outside Washington DC, Amy now studies Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Minnesota.  Amy is passionate about the implementation of sustainable business practices and is excited to be a part of the growth process for a young venture.  When she’s not playing with flour for NETZRO, she’s playing with it for fun or in her work at a bakery.

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