Our Mission


Food is under-utilized at every step in the food supply chain—from farm to fork and from fork back to the farm. This isn't just a devastating misuse of natural resources, it makes up a huge portion of the world's carbon footprint. Increasing awareness through community engagement is a crucial piece of reducing overall food waste.

Discarded or discarded food doesn't have to end up as waste; recovery of that food using NetZro's proprietary drying process decreases volume, recaptures water, eliminates pathogens & harmful bacteria while at the same time preserving nutrient value.

Finally, our mission is to reharvest valuable nutrients recovered from our process for plant, animal, and human health in the form of additives and supplements. Because food contains large amounts of water NetZro can recover water to be recycled. This water can be reharvested into organic cleaners through electrochemical activation technology. 

If you want to learn how you can help end food waste, or want to learn more about NetZro, feel free to contact us; we encourage it!


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